Sustainable and deliciously rich, all our chocolates are made to order in rural Somerset... moo. Enjoy your fill of novelty chocolate pencils, decadent chocolate bark, themed or personalised bars and fun chocolate-figure favours, as yum-tum-tee-tum, they taste so good. Explore the shop. Eat. Shop. Gift...

Coloured Chocolate Pencils & Tin

Six coloured chocolate pencils, perfect for little classroom tricksters who’ll love watching their classmates reactions as they bite into them one by one.

Indulgent Cookies & Creme Bark

Little chunks of chocolate cookies float in a sea of smooth white chocolate. Taxi to Cloud Nine.


Salted Caramel Bark

These are real crowd-pleasers. Rich in flavour, pass it around the table after dinner or squirrel them away to scoff all on your own. Bite the boogie…

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Licked Lips

Kind words from our PopaChoc lovers...

"Yummiest chocolates ever!"

- Emma, age 9

"The BEST salted caramel"

- Chris, 70-something

"Mmm. More please!"

- Rach, 30-something

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