PopaChoc chocolate bricks, slabs, chocopops and truffles aren't overtly fancy, but yum-tum-ti-tum, do they taste good!

Deliciously rich, all our chocolates are made to order in rural Somerset… moo


Chunky slabs of the smoothest operating chocolate in the South West. 40g-500g slabs available.


Rocky Roads, Salted Caramel, Almond Crunch, Curly Swirls - find your favourite from our selection...

Pops & Toy Chocolate Bricks

Chocopop lollies, toy chocolate bricks, and figures. Buy them by the bag.

Tempted by our chocolates? Take a peek at our collection...

Licked Lips

Kind words from our PopaChoc lovers...

"Yummiest chocolates ever!"

- Oscar, age 9

"Absolutely delicious"

- Jim, 70-something

"Mmm. More please!"

- Rach, 30-something

Seasonal & Celebration Orders

What’s on your gift list? Order your Popachoc favourites now, or ask us for something bespoke.

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